Frequently Asked Questions

On-Site Inspections

Where do you get your photos?

  • Local real estate professionals are contracted to take pictures at the time of your order. Photos are NOT retrieved from Google, Zillow or any other potentially outdated source.

How do you verify it’s the correct property?

  • We require the inspector to take a photo of the street sign, as well as the address number for improved properties. Photos are also geo-coded and compared to the location of the property on record within Vision’s database.

How do you deliver your photos?

  • All photos are delivered using Vision’s online delivery system. See an example here.

Sale Attendance

How do you handle multiple customers wanting to attend the same sale?

  • Each investor is provided a dedicated bidder assigned to them, and only them. Bidders are NOT assigned multiple investors for a single auction.

How do I know my information is not shared with other bidders?

  • Each bidder has completed our training program, sign non-disclosure agreements (see example) and go through our anti-trust certification program. Learn more about our certification program here.

What does your anti-trust certification consist of?

  • Read all about our certification program here.

Am I able to contact bidders the day of the sale?

  • Absolutely. Prior to and during the sale, you will have direct contact with your assigned bidder because all parties sign non-disclosure and non-circumvent agreements in advance of services provided.