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On-Site Inspections


If you need to verify the condition of a property, our nationwide network of local real estate professionals will execute your request quickly and efficiently. Whether it's on a compressed timeline for an upcoming sale, or a list of properties you already purchased, we provide superior service and deliver the product in a standardized electronic format that can easily be imported into your existing software.

Local real estate professionals are contracted to take pictures at the time of your order. Photos are NOT retrieved from Google, Zillow or any other potentially outdated service. For property verification, we require a photo of the street sign, as well as the address number for improved properties. Photos are also geo-coded and compared to the location of the property on record within Vision’s database. All discrepencies are highlighted and cleared before delivery to you.

To view an example of our on-site inspections, click here.

Broker Price Opinion (BPO)


If you need more than simple property verification, Vision can also provide a full Broker Price Opinion for vacant land, improved properties (interiors included) as well as commercial properties.

Sale Attendance

Florida, Georgia, Illinois, South Carolina & Texas

Training - Vision's bidders are the industry standard with extensive training and experience. All of our bidders are educated on political impacts, emotional control and professional etiquette associated with representing a third party at a sale.

Anti-Trust Certification - Our bidders also complete a comprehensive anti-trust certification course including a one-on-one discussion with an attorney, along with all appropriate documentation to ensure all parties are in compliance and you are protected against any anti-trust related issues.

Communication - To guarantee your information is always protected, all customers and bidders are required to sign non-circumvent and non-disclosure agreements. We then put you in direct contact with your assigned bidder to ensure ONLY individuals who "need to know" have access to your information.

Placement of Funds - Where acceptable, direct payment between you and the county is the preferred approach. Where direct payments to the county are not achievable, individual escrow accounts are setup for each customer to ensure funds are transferred safely and securely.

Insured - All Vision bidders are covered by our General Liability and Auctioneers E&O insurance.

Please contact us for further information and discuss how we can help streamline your operation.

State Analysis


(Coming Soon) Analyze all upcoming auctions in states where several occur on the same day and determine which auctions are the best for you to attend. Then, seamlessly access data, complete on-site inspections and schedule attendance for the auctions you deem most beneficial.

Quiet Title Services

Georgia, Illinois & South Carolina

Our attorneys will process thousands of quiet title actions in Illinois, Georgia and South Carolina this year. With over 20 years of combined experience, Vision's in-house attorneys are the ideal solution for large volumes of maturing liens. We are able to provide superior, expedited service, while reducing your per lien cost, allowing you to maximize profit and liquidity.

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